Friday, January 30, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapters 2 & 3

The first item of business today was to go over the chapter one quizzes that you took last last. Of course, we had a snow day on Wednesday, so our last class was on Monday. Since we missed Wednesday's class, we really needed to get some reading done today.

You were all great participants and listeners in today's class. We read through the end of chapter three. Scout is now in school and hates it. We've met both Walter Cunningham and Burris Ewell-- two impoverished Maycombian children who have vastly different personalities and homelives.

Next class we'll have a creative writing project to look forward to. This project will be based on a quotation from chapter three, so if you were absent, you really need to finish reading to end of chapter three by next class. Also, we'll have a short quiz over chapters two and three next class. Happy weekend!

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