Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book of the Week

This week's book is not a young adult novel, but a classic. Every February, I get an itch to read more of John Steinbeck's work. I have always loved teaching Of Mice and Men and look forward to it every year. So, every year I read another of his books right after I teach OMAM and right before his birthday. Last year, I read Tortilla Flat and this year, I decided to choose a story set in the same location: Monterey, California. It's called Cannery Row and it's absolutely beautiful and impressive. It's one of those works that makes your jaw drop. Or my jaw. We'll have to see how you all react to it!

This book can be found in my office. I'll keep it in there amongst the other classics. You may check it out as you would any of the YA books. It's a great read and I know that for several of you who love OMAM, this might become another of your favorites.

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