Monday, February 2, 2009

Night: End Chapter One & More

We did have time to finish the first chapter of Night last class, so we finished it first thing this morning after SSR. Before reading, though, we did have a vote about how you'd like to present your free reading books. You had the option of having a class where you all present over a book in front of the class. This option was not popular. The option that won was for me to establish a blog or wiki where you could all post book reviews and upload pictures of the books you read. Most of you seemed to like this idea better than the idea of giving an in-class presentation. I like it, too, because other students will have the ability to check out your reviews.

After this vote, we finished chapter one and completed a whole-class quiz. For this, you could all only answer ONE question. Once you gave an answer, you couldn't give any more. This way, everyone had the opportunity and responsibility of answering one question. This system worked well. We added a few observations to our "Night" chart. It'll be interesting to see this chart at the end of the novel. I've posted pictures of this chart in this blog entry and will post more as we fill it with our observations.

After the quiz, we had time to start chapter two. We left off on page 22, with Madame Schachter yelling, "Fire! Fire!". We'll resume our reading of this chapter during Friday's class.

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