Friday, March 27, 2009

Romeo and Juliet Prologue Activity

We picked up today's class with the prologue activity that we started last class. You had all finished cutting out your couplets from the prologue of Romeo and Juliet, but you all needed to finish putting them in the correct order. Once your prologue was approved by myself or Ms. G., it was pasted or taped to your construction paper. From there, you highlighted five or six non-puke, descriptive words that you felt would give an insight into the characters and/or events contained in this play.

To complete the rest of this activity, you needed to use a thesaurus to choose a synonym related to each of your highlighted words. Make sure that the synonym you choose fits into the line and makes sense. Once you find an appropriate synonym, write it on the construction paper and draw a line from the original word to your new choice.

From these five to six synonyms, you all narrowed your choice to two of the most important and powerful words. You each wrote your words on the white board. We'll revisit these words later to help us form predictions about the events of the play. I've included a picture of the words in this blog post.

At the end of class, we set and discussed expectations for acting and for being an audience member. You came up with some great suggestions for expectations. We'll revisit these as we read. I've included a picture of your expectations brainstorm in this blog post.

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