Friday, April 17, 2009

Making Twelfth Night Come Alive!

We read and acted out the rest of Act II in Twelfth Night. After that we got a little crafty! In order to really understand what is going on in Twelfth Night, it helps to see the characters and their relationships to one another. We made characters out of craft supplies so that we can display them and use them while we read and act!
Here they are!
After making our characters, we talked about "Poem In Your Pocket Day" which is on April 29th -- the Thursday after break. As a class, we have each chosen a poem we like (something someone else wrote or something original) and have emailed them to Mrs. DeRaps. We will be working with Mr. Fontaine in Digital Media to create iron-on transfers for our finished product on Tuesday. If all goes well we can wear them on Thursday! Yay for Poetry Bandits!

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