Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speak: The End of Part One

In today's class, we read to the end of part one in Speak. At the end of this section, Melinda gives herself a report card. She scores herself low on most everything except for her art class, for which she gives herself an "A". We see that Melinda is becoming more and more alienated from others, and even Heather from Ohio seems to have moved on to other friends.

At the very end of this section, Melinda sees the person she refers to as "IT". We concluded that this person must be her rapist, given the fact that the section is titled "Nightmare" and this person gives her a sick wink as her passes her in the hallway.

We picked out some important words that we came across in today's reading. We'll add these to our Words Rock! collection next week.

After our reading, we talked about the final project for this unit. We're going to watch a youtube video that will be our inspiration for our project next class.

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