Friday, September 4, 2009

Your Personal Coat of Arms

Today we started an activity that's meant to visually represent who you are. This activity is taken from The Freedon Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell. There are six sections on the coat of arms. Each section has room for you to answer the following questions:

Section One (upper left corner): What are your goals for this year? These can be personal and/or academic goals

Section Two (upper right corner): List your favorite (school appropriate) things.

Section Three (lower left corner): List people you admire. These people can be real or fictional, famous or people you know.

Section Four (lower right corner): What makes you unique? This could be a talent, an interest, an ability, or some quality that sets you apart from others.

Section Five (middle): Draw a picture of yourself or an object that symbolizes who you are.

Section Six (bottom banner): Write your personal motto or a saying that describes you.

Please do your best to represent yourself and tell us who you are based on this activity. You may make this coat of arms colorful and filled with art. I've included a pic of a couple final products.

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