Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trick or Treat or Both?

On half days, we only have seven students because the rest are involved in tech programs and have excused absences. This half day, we were between units (Hamlet finished, Hunger Games not yet started), so Ms. Petroska and I tried something new and fun.

With Halloween right around the corner, it can be fun to play with language and spooky poetry. It can also be fun to eat candy. So, Ms. Petroska and I thought that it would be great to marry both poetry and candy. Therefore, you all worked this period to create some Tricky Treats. These Tricky Treats are basically your way of sending some eerie messages to those who you're leaving behind after this year. You are helping to spread a love and appreciation of language to the underclassmen in my other English classes.

What you did: You took ten poems Ms. Petroska collected from the Halloween page. You read these poems and selected lines that could stand alone as a creepy or eerie image to the underclassmen. You then copied these lines onto separate sheets of paper. After this, you wrapped the lines in tissue paper and a piece of candy and secured it with string. The end product looked like a large Tootsie Roll treat.

I am super excited to hand these out to the underclassmen! These Tricky Treats look adorable and I love the lines you all selected to "give" to the underclassmen. I also love that you all shared lines, words, and images that you chose. You also looked up words with which you were unfamiliar. Both good techniques in working with poetry. Good work, seniors!

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