Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Flavor's Your Donut?

A fellow teacher recently passed a Newsweek article on to me. I thought that the subject of this article was pertinent to you as graduating high school students. The basic gist of this article is that rural towns are losing their brightest students to urban schools. This is a hardship for rural communities because schools spend so much more to educate the students who will eventually leave. This is called "Brain Drain". Cheery rhyme. So, I came to today's class armed with articles and doughnut holes and prepared for a great discussion.

And did we ever have a great discussion! You guys were all over this issue. After we discussed for quite a bit, I asked you to decide where you fit in the categories laid out by the authors of this article. They were:

Achievers (those who leave)
Stayers (those who stay)
Seekers (those who travel and/ or enter military)
Returners (those who leave and then return)

Once you all decided where you fit in this mix, you wrote a blog post describing why you chose your category. I was sad to read that so many of you plan to leave. Just make sure that you write and tell me all about your travels and your adventures in the wide world! Here are a couple sample entries from your blogs:

A student who's an Achiever
A student who's a Stayer
A student who's a Seeker
A student who's a Returner

We did get to read a little from Catching Fire. President Snow is as creepy as ever and Katniss has not resolved the whole Peeta vs. Gale thing. We'll have to read more next class to see if she ever gets past all of her confusion!

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