Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dynamic and Static Characters

In today's reading (which was shortened due to the half day schedule), we witnessed the murder of Curley's Wife. Though some of you have had strong opinions about this woman and her personality, we learned today that she may have been more of a dynamic character than we originally thought.

In contrast, we watched Curley react to finding out that his wife is dead. It is not the reaction that one would expect. Normally, it seems as though a man would go to his wife or maybe even show some sign of sadness. To us, this was further proof that Curley was a static character. He has not changed in the course of this novel.

To prove what you observed in today's reading and to prepare for the upcoming Double Entry Journal common assessment, you chose either Curly or his wife and found a quotation to support your claim that the character you chose was either static or dynamic. We'll put these quotations to good use next week! And, we'll finish reading this book!

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