Friday, April 30, 2010

Field Trip!

Today, our ENG 12 class went on a field trip to help the Literacy Volunteers of America prepare for their annual book sale!

For those of you who did not participate in the field trip, you must complete the following assignment:

In a 2-3 page research paper, write about the history and purpose of the Literacy Volunteers of America. Do this on your laptop in a document and email it to Mrs. DeRaps and Ms. Audy. ONLY if for some reason you can not use your laptop, write this out on paper. Keep track of your sources and provide an MLA works cited page. You will be graded on the following criteria:

Evidence of Critical Thinking:
Thoughtful observations, connections between readings and the larger world and/or your life.

Evidence of Critical Reading: Evidence of thorough readings, comprehension of reading materials, insightful reflections, and connections between readings materials.

Evidence of Creative Thinking: Inclusion of photographs that enhance the presentation of the paper; original ideas presented in readings are extended in a creative manner.

Evidence of the Ability to Write Clearly and Effectively: Grammar, spelling, capitalization errors do not interfere with audience understanding. The structure of your paper allows for understanding and is easy to follow.

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