Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book of the Week

Though National Poetry Month is officially over, I have one last book of poems that I'd like to profile before we move on to the latest and greatest in Young Adult Lit. This week's book is not a novel told in poems, but a collection of poems that work together to tell a story. What's this story about? Love. All its phases. The pretty and fun. The ugly and yucky. It's all about love.

In Love Poems for Real Life, editors Mary Esselman and Elizabeth Ash Velez bring together a huge variety of poems and poets to show the different phases and stages of relationships. There are classical Shakespearean sonnets, modern e.e. cummings free verse poems, and all sorts of amazing poems in between. The book is divided into seven sections: ecstasy, stability, monotony, uncertainty, misery, and clarity. And, if you've ever been in love, chances are that you've experienced some of these phases firsthand.

Here are a couple of my favorite poems from this collection (I'm in a lovey mood today, so I chose poems from the "ecstasy" and "stability" sections):

My favorite love poem EVER is this one:

And this one is a new favorite. I read it aloud to my husband and he loved it!

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