Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hunger Games Survival Skills

Now that we've read more of The Hunger Games and filled out our brackets a little more, we're ready to learn some more about survival in The Hunger Games. You saw the Closed Word Sort when I demonstrated sorting the charactersitics into three different categories; Helpful charactersitics for survival, surprising characteristics for survival, and poor characteristics for survival.
To learn more about what characteristics are necessary for survival we are going to play Tribute Trials, a game that tests your chances at surviving The Hunger Games. Make sure you click on the second link that says "Play Tribute Trials Now." You'll get 10 minutes to play. Pay attention to the message you get after you answer each question: it will tell you what characteristics of a tribute you are showing. Write these down on a sticky note. At the end of the game, record your final score.

When everyone has finished with the game we will have a class discussion about how you think you can win, and what it takes to become the Victor. We can compare scores and talk about what characteristics everyone got so long as it doesn't get too competitive or rowdy.
When we've finished with the discussion, everyone will check their email and open the email Mrs. DeRaps has sent you. There is an attachment called "Closed Word Sort" which you should open; this is the same document as the one I modeled for you at the beginning of class. Then you can sort the words and add a few words of your own if you like. When you finish sorting, save the document and email it back to Mrs. DeRaps. Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

~Ms. Ferry

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