Thursday, April 8, 2010

Night Vocabulary Words

Today we read almost 20 pages of Night. We are almost finished with the novel, and each chapter grows more and more devastating. Today, we learned that during a selection, Elie's father was chosen to die, but Elie, being so devoted to saving his father (unlike the Rabbi's son we read about), ran over to join his father, causing a commotion which allowed time for both father and son to join the group of people being kept alive. We left off on page 93, where Elie and his father are being stuffed into a train car (with no roof) headed to Germany. After we read, we selected five vocabulary words that were essential in our reading today. The words we voted onto the Word Wall are:

Next class, we will likely finish the novel, and select our last set of vocabulary words from Night.
-Ms. Audy

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